About Debora Hansen & Kathleen Milner

Debora’s spiritual journey began many years ago on the Buddhist path, which led her to the rare honour of making holy robes for monks and nuns. She has also received teachings and blessings from His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Debora now asks for guidance and assistance from angels, ascended masters and deities of all traditions, including those of Buddhism.

She works to the highest ethical standards in all aspects of her work. and enjoys meeting people of all walks of life. She believes everyone has an amazing story to tell and have lessons to learn from one another!

Debora’s clients include music company www.voiceprint.co.uk and Recording Studios www.QPQproductions.com Scotland.

In March 2005 Debora was personally invited by Kathleen Milner to be

come one of her students, and participated in public healings during Kathleen’s UK tour. She has also been taken into several powerful shamanic initiations by Kathleen, and given Sakara III, a high vibrational energy that brings about dramatic healings. ABOUT KATHLEEN MILNERKathleen

Debora Hansen and Kathleen Milner

Ann Milner is my Reiki Seichem & Egyptian Symbologhy Master. She is a natural born healer and psychic. She supports a system of healing that is trademarked as Tera-Mai.

Through this system countless healing miracles have been witnessed and documented worldwide. Mental and emotional healings also happen - the healee is encouraged to go within to the privacy of his or her negative sensations and feel and release the blockages