Egyptian Dance for Health & Posture

What is it?

Ancient and mysterious Middle-East Dance, also know as The Dance Of The Burning Sands, is based on the natural organic movement of the body. Belly dance, as it is known in the West, is easy to grasp and looks fantastic on women & girls of all ages, sizes and levels of fitness. The gentle moves make it perfect for absolute beginners.

Express yourself through this sophisticated, sensuous, mesmerizing, spiritual and irrisistable centuries-old art form of ancient dance from the time when the Pharaohs ruled Egypt more than 5,000 years ago.

What will it do for me?

Childrens' Classes (5-11yrs)

  • Fun physical activity

  • Spacial awareness

  • Coordination

  • Sense of balance

  • Self esteem and self confidence

  • Working in harmony with others

  • Unique out-of-school activity

Ladies Classes

  • Keep fit and toned

  • Fun physical activity

  • Add confidence & graceful ease to natural body language

  • Discover an enchanting personal space

  • Manifest the Goddess within

  • Learn to Radiate a sensuous air of mystery

  • Develop your inner temptress!

Daughters, Mums and Grans (14yrs+)

  • Quality girl-time together

  • Great bonding opportunity

  • Fun physical activity

Ante-natal / Post-natal Classes (TBC)

The gentle organic flowing energizing movement of Eastern Dance helps:

  • Improves abdominal awareness & control

  • Relieves aches, pains & discomforts associated with pregnancy

  • Promotes better circulation

  • Avoids swelling and cramping

  • Prevents excessive weight gain

  • Tone your pelvic floor, whose strength is all important for the birth as well as your postnatal recovery.

"Mum to 6 children myself, I know only too well the changes a pregnancy imposes on a woman’s body, mind and spirit. Egyptian Dance offers a fantastic motivation to stay beautiful and gorgeous throughout your pregnancy and staying in touch with your inner Goddess at a time when morale can be low as your body changes to accommodate your growing baby."

Debora Hansen, Ancient Healings

How long is a class?

Each class is 1 hour and includes warm-up/cool-down time.

What's expected of me?

No previous experience or special dance outfit is required, however, you do need to wear a long loose flowing skirt, comfortable t-shirt and an informal 'hip-scarf'. Bring a bottle of water.

Come along and have great fun!

When and Where?

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Aiyana De-martine

(my daughter and dance assistant)

Debora Hansen, Ancient Healings.

Debora teaches small groups ages 5yrs upwards. She is a sensitive and encouraging teacher who believes anyone can belly dance and have great fun whilst keeping fit and toned.

Workshops with Debora include warm up & cool down excercises, gentle body work, learning the moves, creative expression, Improvision & group dancing, veils & dancing with Shisha pipe, an exotic dance for those who wish to take their inner Temptress to another sensuous level!

What does it cost?

Children: £5 per 1 hour session

Adults: £6 per 1 hour session

Email: +44(0)7944 181772