Indian Head massage

What is it?Indian head massage is a holistic therapy which originates in India and is part of the Ayurvedic healing system which has been in existence circa 2500BC. Ayurveda is Sanskrit for ‘science of life’. The therapy aims to balance the mind, body and spirit and promotes health and wellbeing.

During the treatment the practitioner massages the shoulders, upper and middle back, neck, arms, head and face with firm pressure to:

  • Improve blood flow

  • Alleviate anxiety and stress

  • Nourish hair follicles

Benefits of this treatment?

The physical and mental benefits are immediate including:

  • Relaxation of the muscles

  • Easing of tension.

  • Relieving mental tiredness,

  • Reducing depression,

  • Encouraging replenishing sleep patterns

  • Eliminating migraines

  • Promoting clearer thinking

  • Giving higher level of alertness and concentration.

On a more subtle level the higher chakras, or energy levels are points of focus throughout the treatment, enabling stagnant energy to be released whilst balancing the chakras (energy levels).This assists the body into a more harmonious and peaceful state leaving the client with a wonderful feeling of physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing through elimination of body toxins.

How long does a treatment last?

This 30-40 minute treatment (including 15mins consultation) is performed

over the clients clothing in

a sitting position. Although not essential, oils may be used to further enhance the results. The procedure is simple and suitable for all ages.

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