Tera Mai Reiki & Seichem Workshops

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Tera Mai™ is an esoteric school of thought involving Universal, standardized initiations into healing energy, which comes from Source or God.

Initiation into Golden Tera-Mai™ Reiki and Seichem is available to everyone, including children & babies from Womb age onwards. It can be used on the self or for others. These are powerful tools that can bring you healing, harmony, serenity and spiritual progression.

Each level combines the

Venue in Carrick-on-Shannon Ireland

Familiar earth element of Reiki & the elements fire, water & air of Seichem. You receive 2 certificates for each level upon completion of the course so it is not necessary to take a seperate Reiki Class. This saves you money and accelerates your spiritual potential. Venue in Carrick-On-Shannon Ireland.

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* Earth (Reiki) energy is experienced as hot and cold (just like the surface of the planet). Works on the physical body and grounds all healing work.

* Water (Sophi-El) is experienced as undulating waves of cool energy that brings up deep emotional issues for healing. Thus, the healed is able to feel the negative emotions and then release them to the Tera-Mai healer, who gives the negativity to the angels for transformation.

* Fire (Sakara) is clearly distinguished as rapid pulses or sparks of low voltage electricity. Oftentimes, the healer will experience the sensation of pins & needles-like energy in the palms of his/her hands. Healees often feel the sparkling energy or a current or energy on or in their body. Sakara gives the healer the ability to heal the aura or energy field surrounding the living.

* Air (Angeliclight) is the 2-fold energy of air and spirit. It enhances the healing ability of the third eye and the voice and breath. It helps bring about mental healing. The presence of angels is often experienced.

Golden Tera-Mai™ Reiki and Seichem

First degree ~ the first steps to self - healing No pre-requisite

* First initiation into 4 rays of elemental healing of Earth, fire, Air & water.

Most people take this particular class for their own healing process, and to be able to help family and friends 7 animals. Everyone in the class gives and receives healing. Receive the healing energies and learn psychic protection, receive violet flame attunement. Aura sensing, chakra balancing, and how to channel healing of Reiki. Cost: from £175 - £190 2 day training.

Second degree practitioner training ~ stronger energies

prerequisite is Tera-Mai Seichem I

* Second initiation into 4 rays of elemental healing of Earth, fire, Air & water.

Getting rid of the ego, introduction to the use of powerful symbols , the power of mantra and visualisation, beaming energy with physical eyes, learn how to send healing through time and space. Psychic surgery, polarity healing and crystal grids. introduction to Egyptian symbology + Initiation into the first symbol YOD.

Cost: from £215 - £220 2 day training.

Third degree ~ Mastership level I ADVANCED PRACTITIONER

& Masters teaching level II (to initiate others)

prerequisite is Tera-Mai Seichem 2

* Third initiation into the 4rays of elemental healing.

A very powerful initiation leading to greater spiritual and psychic awareness.

Level III Teacher training masters part II* Learn the Master Symbols

*Learn how to do the Tera-Mai Reiki & Seichem attunement's

* Using the breath technique for absentee and self-healing

* Each participant will practice giving each attunement.

* We will practice the contractions and breathing necessary to do the attunements in a variety of fun exercises that will also serve to send healing to ourselves, loved ones and Mother Earth.

* The initiations into YOD and The Order of Melchizedek will be given and the initiate will be taught how to give these initiations as well.

Cost: £375 each Level Taken over 2 days. 4 Students maximum per Class to ensure optimum coaching is provided. Each degree is fully certified

After an initiate receives Golden TM Reiki or Seichem Mastership, they may choose to go on to receive TM Reiki or Seichemi IV, V, VI & VII, or Sakara II & III initiations, which bring in additional elemental healing energy.

NOTE: these are initiations/empowerments only and no class is necessary

Reiki IV, V, VI & VII Pre-requisite is Tera Mai Reiki Mastership £150

Seichem IV, V, VI & VII Pre-requisite is Tera Mai Reiki Mastership, Tera Mai IV, V, VI & VII, and Tera Mai Seichem Mastership £180

SAKARA II initiations £350 Pre-requisite is Tera Mai III Seichem Mastership

SAKARA III Initiations £650 Pre-requisite is Tera Mai Sakara II

These initiations are given at the solar plexus and connect directly to God's Healing Energy. They enhance all other Tera Mai initiations that the individual received previously, including Violet Flame. They also provide a great deal of protection for the initiate.

Increases healing, Inner knowing and clairsentience via the solar plexus

HEART CHAKRA I & II initiations £645

Please see www.Kathleenmilner.com for detailed class descriptions and proof of my competence to teach others on her Instructors Register

For Animals

Animals that receive initiation are able to heal quickly and radiate seichem healing energies. Initiation may also have a dramatic calming effect on aggressive cats & dogs. Animal initiations receive certification.Cost: levels 1-3 Cost £10 per level

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