Why Ancient Healings?” because everything we learn and do today is all based on Ancient Wisdom of thousands of years ago. Nothing is new. The world today just gives the old healing treasures new names and systems. Our name Ancient Healings means we always remember and give praise & gratitude to those who came before us and left their legacy for us to follow and share.

         Ancient Healings is an Association Member of ;
  • FHT - Federation of Holistic Therapists
  • MICHT - International Council of Holistic Therapies
  • ATLM - Acredited Therapy lecturer member
  • T.ATh - Thermo-Auricular therapy
  • TMUKS -Tera-Mai UK Society
  • CRB checked to work with children
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Ancient Energy - Powerful Healings 
Harmonising the trinity
 of Body, Mind and spirit.

"My commitment to you following your initial consultation, is that I will give you the best treatment I can based on the information you provide. I will only ask the necessary relevant questions at each visit to enable me to adjust the treatment for the best & most effective outcome for you"
                        Debora x