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Tera Mai Egyptian Archetypal Symbology

Tera Mai Egyptian Archetypal symbology was previously taught as Tera Mai Egyptian Cartouche.

Debora will be running new classes, including intiations into Egyptian Archetypal symbology later in 2016.
(Pre-equisite Cosmic-Gold Tera-Mai Reiki One)

Egyptian Archetypal symbology encapsulates energies which were known and understood by the ancient Egyptians. It acts as a bridge between day-to-day things and the transpersonal or Higher Self. Debora, through her personal training with Kathleen Milner is able to connect to archetypal energies beyond an intellectual level, and use these energies to enable much greater healing. She includes them to support and enhance all of her healings and uses them to enhance her everyday life.

YOD - inner knowing, interlectual information and creative inspiration and activates the intuitave centres within the third eye, heart and solar plexus.

Pyramid - initiation and protection
Osiris -
the good father, teacher, consoler, the warrior who protects
Isis -
the nurturing mother, earth magic, earth power, earth divination
Thoth -
lord or karma, lord of time, healer and magician
Nephthys -
hidden knowledge
Ptath -
architect, builder, patron of men
Hathor -
patron of women and beauty. Her mirror is protective as it reflects back both negativity and harmony to the sender times ten.
Horus -
healing of the physical eyes as well as the third eye. 
Bast -
psychic abilities and psychic protection
Anubis -
protection and guidance. While the movie, The Mummy Returns depicts Anubis as something evil, this is far from the truth. Anubis guides the recently departed safely to the Next World.
Fire -
connection to the fire elementals
Earth -
connection to the earth elementals
Air -
connection to the air elementals
Water -
connection to the water elementals
Sirius -
connection to the star people. When Atlantas broke up and the arcane wisdom was broken up, the Native Americans were the only ones who retained that wisdom that life exists on other planets. References to UFOs maybe found in the Bible
Uraeus -
Ankh -
the key to open all doors of opportunity
Buckle of Isis -
fertility in ones endeavors.
Sphinx -
animal medicine and the connectedness between the animals, ourselves and Mother Earth.
Twins -
connection to the twin flame, our guardian angel, who watches out for us from the world of spirit. It is our twin flame, who holds the other 2/3 masculine (or feminine) and 1/3 feminine (or masculine) balance of who we are. 
Crook & Flail -
taking back our own authority. Helps to connect with the path that was chosen before birth. When we release our wills to the Will of God and surrender to our own path rather than try to recreate someone else's or force things to happen our way, then life takes off! Things happen! We meet the right people! The right opportunities come our way!
Scarab -
Lotus -
peace of mind
Winged Disk -

Please note these initiations are for personal spiritual growth only. Initiates can not progress to a teaching level of Egyptian Archetypal symbology.